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Usually when BLG Perfromance Report Generator throws “an error processing the BLG file” it is usually a file permissions issue. To avoid future issues, adjust the folders permissions that perfmon stores its files in to allow “Everyone” read access.

To fix it for already collected files, try running: relog blgfilename.blg -o test.blg then try to use the new blg file that is created.

Other issues might be that the incorrect Performance Indicators were collected or that it was collected using a language other than US English.

If you set the SPASS Data Collector to automatically manage the collecting of Perfmon BLG files, on some resource intensive systems it is unable to restart the data collector to collect the next hours stats.

This appears to be an issue with Perfmon releasing back the thread prematurely. A workaround is to setup a separate BLG Data Collector Set – instructions can be found here.

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