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The ZipDeleteFiles utility allow you to compress, delete or archive files based on the file’s last modified time properties. It was created to easily manage various logfiles and BLG Files so they wouldn’t fill up a Drive, as well as to provide the ability to archive these files for future reference.

ZipDeleteFiles Information

ZipDeleteFiles is meant to be ran as a scheduled task to help manage system files such as Logfiles, Perfmon files, etc. Here are some of the features of the tool:

Compression – ZipDeleteFiles will utilize 7-zip if it is installed on the system.

Recursion – You can set ZipDeleteFiles to run on a base directory and have it recurse into subfolders. This is very useful for Web Servers that host many sites.

Archiving – ZipDeleteFiles will optionally “Archive” file (move files to a different location) if needed. This is useful for storing older files at a central location or to conform to legal requirements.

Running / Configuration Options

ZipDeleteFiles uses a “.config” file that you can edit for the function you want to provide. There are examples below. This utility’s main purpose is to be executed using the Windows® Task Scheduler.

folder – The folder where you want the program to perform actions on files

file_query – The query that will identify the files you want to perform the actions on

archive_type – Type of archive to create with the files (i.e. zip or gz)

compress_date – The number of days old the files need to be before they are compressed – Note that when files are compressed they will retain the last modified date property

archive_date – The number of days old the files need to be before they are archived (moved to the “archive_location”

delete_date – The number of days old the files need to be before they are deleted

sevenzip_exe – The location of the 7zip executable “7z.exe”, for instance: “C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe”

archive_location – The location of where you want the files to be moved to (usually a network location)

recurse – Whether or not to recursively search for and take actions on files (files within subfolders)

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows® 2003/XP or higher

Microsoft® .Net 3.5 or above

Microsoft® .Net Automation

7-zip (optional) for file compression

ZipDeleteFiles README file

Purchasing / Licensing

ZipDeleteFiles is priced at $20 USD and is licensed per computer (ZipDeleteFiles LICENSE).


$20 USD – Buy Now

Warning: The main purpose of ZipDeleteFiles is to delete files. We are not responsible for accidental deletion of any files, ensure you take appropriate precautions when setting up the ZipDeleteFiles Jobs.

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