SPASS – System Performance and Sizing Site

Do you know exactly how your network servers and workstations are performing at any time, now or in the past? To help get your IT organization to be more proactive instead of reactive, we developed SPASS or System Performance And Sizing Site. With SPASS, your IT Department will know exactly how every backend system is performing and if that performance is acceptable by comparing it to historic data. SPASS also provides a single location to view detailed system information and logs that would otherwise take hours to manually gather, saving considerable time.

Accurate & Detailed Performance Statistics

Unlike most monitoring systems which only collect performance data every 3-5 minutes, SPASS collects 40+ KPI data points every 10 seconds by default (and is fully adjustable). This allows you to have extremely accurate performance data from all of your servers.

SPASS is able to collect such detailed stats without affecting performance by automatically configuring Microsoft’s Performance Monitor to collect the detailed data, then process that data periodically. If you are already collecting Performance Monitor data you can configure SPASS to use what you have already setup.

SPASS Showing Detailed Stats

SPASS on an iPhone5c

Quickly Access Important Data

When we were creating SPASS, we kept 2 important aspects in mind – First, provide extremely useful data from a Windows Server in one location and second, provide an easy to use navigation system to access that data. The data collected includes:

  • Detailed Performance data from over 40 KPIs
  • Hardware and Operating System Information
  • Errors, Warnings and Security Failures from the Windows System, Application and Security Logs
  • Detailed Process and Services information from when the data was collected

To provide universal access to this data, we utilize Bootstrap as the Web Framework. Not only does this allow you to easily customize SPASS, but also allows you to properly view the data on nearly any device – Workstation, Tablet/iPad or even a phone.

Also, our Navigation system allows you to quickly and easily bring up the system data that you need for any computer from any timeframe and navigate to the specific stats that you need.

Easily Process Historical Performance Data

One of the best features that SPASS provides is the ability to quickly view each KPI collected over a long period of time. The Daily, Weekly and Monthly Server views provide the Minimum, Maximum and Average Value of each KPI collected during that time in an easy to view Graph Showing the Range between the Min and Max with the Average Stats as a solid line. Considering each KPI is collected every 10 seconds, this is a very accurate representation of how your systems were performing during that time period. Using third party consultants to provide this same information can costs companys tens of thousands of dollars.

In addition to showing the Graphs and data, the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Server views also provide links to each Day/Hour that is included in the Graph, allowing you to quickly identify Issues and drill into the exact time the issue occurred.

With this data available, you can easily identify which systems are under-performing and which systems are over-provisioned and could possibly be re-adjusted, especially in a Virtual Infrastructure, to give those unused resources to a system that is more taxed.

Viewing Stats over a long period of time can identify bottlenecks

SPASS Enterprise Excel Report Generator

Generate Excel Performance Reports

The Enterprise Version of SPASS also includes tools to allow you to generate Excel Performance Reports from the collected Performance Data. This is useful if you need graphs with performance data from custom time periods or if you want to graph the stats for an extended time period, such as quarterly, yearly, etc. These Excel Reports include the raw performance data as well as auto-generated graphs using that raw data. These reports are also useful to send to vendors or other consultants that don’t have access to your SPASS installation so they can analyze the performance data of your systems.

Along with the Graphical Utility to generate custom Excel Performance Reports, the Enterprise version of SPASS also includes a command line tool to automatically generate monthly and yearly reports for all the systems that SPASS collects data for.

Email Alerts

You can configure the SPASS Data Collectors to send Email alerts when it detects certain critical conditions such as:

  • High CPU Usage
  • High Memory/Pagefile Usage
  • Low Diskspace conditions
  • Number of Stopped Services
  • High number of Security Failures

Easy Setup & Maintenance

The SPASS Web Frontends and Data Collectors are extremely easy to setup and Maintain, reducing the total cost of ownership:

  • No Database Required!
  • Automatic PerfLog Collection
  • Host on any IIS version with 4
  • Data Collectors are launch via Task Scheduler
  • Easy to use Configuration Tool

Collects Additional Information

In addition to collecting Performance Data, SPASS also collects and provides an easy interface to view other information such as:

  • Windows App, System and Security Logs
  • Detailed info on each Running Process
  • Windows Services and their State
  • The Top 5 CPU Consuming Processes
  • Basic System Info: OS, Hardware, Uptime

Here are a few Demo Sites to try. Note that most of these sites are not “Live” and show stats collected from a Fortune 500 Company in January 2016 regardless of the date selected. Also, the System, Application and Security Logs have been removed for security reasons: – Our main “Single Site” Demo Site, Note that the backend system is simply a “Small Microsoft Azure Server” (1 core, 1.75GB RAM). – Our main Full Demo Site showing the “Multi-Site” webapp that the Enterprise Version of SPASS includes. It provides a “Landing Site” for multiple “App/Group Site” webapps as well as show data from all the systems you collect data for.

The Azure Demo Site Stats is simply the Main Demo Site’s backend server stats. There is only a single server on that site, but it shows you how a “Live SPASS Site” functions.

SPASS Demo Site

For System Requirements, you can break SPASS into 2 components, the data collectors and the Web Application:

Web Application – The system requirements for the Web Application is any IIS Server that has .net 4 registered (the AppPool must be running as .net 4)

Local Data Collector – The Local Data Collector runs on any Windows 2008 or above server and we provide both a .net 3.5 and a .net 4 version.

Network Data Collector – Even though the local Data Collector uses minimal resources, some still like to collect the data remotely. The Network Data Collector requires the host to be Windows 2008R2 or above and the clients must be set to capture perflogs. The “clients” must be Windows 2003/XP or above.

One of the most asked questions we receive is to explain the difference in the “Enterprise” versions “Multi-Site WebApp”. Here is a rundown:

“App / Group Site” Web App – This site you must add all the servers you want shown in an XML file. This allows you to have a single site for a specific Application or Group.

“Multi-Site” Web App – This was created for sites that had many, many “App / Group Sites” setup (hundreds of servers). This provides an easy way to navigate to individual “App/Group Sites” and to provide a way to compare every single system that is being monitored without having to manually create a separate “App/Group Site” for that purpose.

Below you will find a few Demo Sites which may explain this a little better.

Here are a few Demo Sites to try. Note that most of these sites are not “Live” and simply have dummy stats collected. – Our main “Single Site” Demo Site has sample data from a Fortune 500 Company’s Servers. Note that some data has been removed for security concerns and the backend system is simply a “Small Microsoft Azure Server” (1 core, 1.75GB RAM). – Our main Full Demo Site showing the “Multi-Site” webapp that consolidates multiple “App/Group Site” webapps. This site also has sanitized dummy stats.

The Azure Demo Site Stats is simply the Main Demo Site’s backend server stats. There is only a single server on that site, but it shows you how a “Live SPASS Site” functions.


The SPASS Basic Install is ideal for companies with a smaller IT Footprint, it includes:

  • The SPASS Application / Computer Group Site
  • Data Collection Utilities
  • Includes 10 Client Licenses

$750 USD – Buy Now

SPASS Enterprise

The SPASS Enterprise Package includes all of the components of SPASS, including:

  • The SPASS App/Group and the “Multi” Site
  • The SPASS Excel Performance Report Generators
  • Includes 100 Client Licenses

$1500 USD – Buy Now

System Licenses

Each System that you collect Performance Data for requires a separate license. Each main SPASS install package includes some client licenses (the basic includes 10, the Enterprise includes 100).

Contact us for bulk license purchases.

$100 USD – 10 Client Licenses