Count Connections Utility

CountConnections Utility

The CountConnecitons Utility was created to gather concurrent usage information for programs that do not collect this information. This is especially useful for load testing and future resource planning for Enterprise Applications.

This utility outputs the concurrent usage information to a simple CSV file, which can be used with our “BLG Performance Report Generator” and “SPASS – System Performance & Sizing Site” to provide graphs and statistics from the CSV output file.

Application .config settings

OutPutDir – The location of where the CSV file will be written to.

Port X – Specify which port(s) the utility will count the connections from (i.e. 80 or 443)

Output Format

This utility will write a simple CSV file with these headings: DateTime, Total_Connections, Users. The Users column is the number of unique devices connected (by IP Address), whereas the Total_Connections columns simply count the total number of connections to the port(s) you specify.

The CSV filename is in the format of COMPUTERNAME-DATE-CONNECTIONS.csv – for instance WebServer-20130210-connections.csv

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows® 2003/XP or higher

Microsoft® .Net 3.5 or above

Microsoft® .Net Automation

CountConnections README file

CountConnections License


CountConnections is a cost free utility, you still must agree with the included License agreement prior to use.

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