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Complete System Performance Monitoring

SPASS – System Performance & Sizing Site is the premiere Performance monitoring tool that allows you to view extremely detailed performance stats for all of your systems.

SPASS provides:

  • Detailed Performance Statistics collected from over 40 specific Key Performance Indicators collected every 10 seconds (by default)
  • Quickly compare all of your systems to ensure all are running at peak performance
  • Provides historical performance stats that allow you to determine if there are or could be any Memory, Processing or Disk bottlenecks.
  • Quickly view the Windows System, Application and Security Logs, as well as detailed information about the running processes and services.
  • Generate detailed Microsoft Excel Performance Reports including graphs, great for sending information to Vendors and external consultants.
  • Many more features…
SPASS Top Charts and Detailed Stats

BLG Performance Report Generator

Create Professional Reports from Perfmon BLG Files

BLG Performance Generator allows you to create reports from Microsoft’s Perfmon generated BLG Files. These reports contain detailed graphs and stats for over 50 Key Performance Indicators, including the ability to generate graphs for individual processes and services.

BLG Performance Report Generatator provides:

  • Quickly Generate Graphs from Perfmon BLG files
  • Select Individual Processes and Services for Report Generation
  • Combine the Perfmon BLG files into a Single Report or simply Generate a Report for each perfmon BLG File you add
  • Reports are in Microsoft Word® Format to Allow You to Add Notes and Customize the Reports
  • Provide Stats for Advanced Services, such as graphing Microsoft® IIS/Webservice Stats and Specific SQL Server Perfmon Counters (15 KPIs for SQL)
  • Many more features…

Count Connections Utility

The Count Connections Utility was created to gather concurrent usage information for programs that do not collect this information. This is especially useful for load testing and future resource planning for Enterprise Applications.

Both our SPASS and BLG Performance Report Generator Products can utilize the Count Connections Utility’s collected data to generate graphs and data.

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Zip Delete Files

The ZipDeleteFiles utility allows you to compress, delete or archive files based on the file’s last modified time properties. It was created to easily manage various logfiles and BLG Files so they wouldn’t fill up a Drive, as well as to provide the ability to archive these files for future reference.


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