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SPASS version 2.0 – We recently released SPASS version 2.0 to all of our customers. The new version is a complete redesign based on Bootstrap instead of Visual Studio Web Templates. This allows us to provide a responsive web frontend that is usable on any device, as well as allow you to easily customize it for your business. In addition to the redesign, we also added “Top X Charts” to quickly show which systems are utilizing the most resources. All of our customers that have deployed it have given very positive feedback.

We have updated the SPASS Demo Site with the new version.

BLG Performance Report Generator – Internally we added the ability to also generate PDF files, however we are waiting for legal issues to be resolved before we can release this new version to our customers.

SPASS Development – Now that the redesign is finished, we are focusing on bringing our expertise of deploying our tools to our customers. SPASS 2.0 includes example scripts to quickly auto-deploy the data collector client to remote systems, as well as showing how to auto-update the systems in one of the Application Sites directly from VMware VSphere using PowerCLI. Expect more examples soon. We are also actively seeking any improvements our customers would like to see in the tool.

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